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Tesla coil: How this electric show works

Who created the Tesla coil?

Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor, is the mastermind behind the Tesla coil. This brilliant man, whose creative spirit far surpassed his time, created this engineering marvel at the end of the 19th century. The Tesla coil is one of his many inventions that have shaped the world as we know it today.

Nikola Tesla: An unsung genius

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in the Austrian Empire, now Croatia. He emigrated from the United States in 1884 and began working with Thomas Edison, who became his rival. Tesla contributed to the development of alternating current (AC), which is now the standard for electricity distribution.

Tesla registered more than 300 patents during his lifetime. His inventions range from the induction motor (which made alternating current possible) to radio and the Tesla coil. Despite his significant contributions, Tesla has remained largely unknown until recently.

How does a Tesla coil work?

The Tesla coil is a resonant transformer that produces high voltages at high frequencies. It works by using two circuits (primary and secondary) that share a common coil. When the primary circuit is energised, it creates a magnetic field that induces a voltage in the secondary circuit. This voltage is then amplified to produce spectacular electric arcs.

The principle of resonance

The Tesla coil uses the principle of resonance to amplify the voltage. Resonance occurs when the frequency of a system oscillates at its natural frequency. In the case of the Tesla coil, the primary circuit is fed at a frequency that corresponds to the natural frequency of the secondary circuit. This provides maximum voltage amplification.

Can the energy from the Tesla coil be recovered?

The Tesla coil is mainly used to generate impressive electric arcs and not to produce usable energy. However, Tesla himself envisaged using his coils to transmit energy wirelessly. Although this idea is fascinating, it has not yet been realised on a large scale.

Tesla’s vision: wireless energy

Tesla dreamed of a world where energy could be transmitted wirelessly. He even began building a tower, known as the Wardenclyffe Tower, to test this idea. However, due to financial problems, the project was never completed.

How do you make a Tesla coil?

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Making a Tesla coil requires knowledge of electricity and electronics. You will need various components, including :

  • a vacuum tube or transistor
  • a capacitor
  • a primary coil
  • and a secondary coil.

It is important to follow a detailed guide or diagram to assemble these components correctly.

The components of a Tesla coil

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The Tesla coil is made up of several key components. The primary circuit comprises a capacitor and a primary coil. The secondary circuit comprises a secondary coil and an antenna. A vacuum tube or transistor is used to interrupt the current in the primary circuit, which creates the magnetic field that induces the voltage in the secondary circuit.

Tesla coil diagram

A Tesla coil diagram details the layout and connections of the components. It is essential for understanding how energy is transferred from the primary circuit to the secondary circuit. You can find many diagrams online to help you build your own Tesla coil.

Interpreting a Tesla coil diagram

A Tesla coil diagram may seem complex at first, but it becomes easier to understand once you know the basic components. The primary circuit is usually represented by a capacitor and a coil, while the secondary circuit is represented by another coil and an antenna. A vacuum tube or transistor is also shown, indicating how the current is interrupted in the primary circuit.

Tesla danger coil

Although fascinating, the Tesla coil is not without danger. It generates very high voltages that can be fatal. It is therefore vital to take precautions when handling a Tesla coil. It is recommended never to touch a Tesla coil in operation and always to wear protective equipment. Of course, this does not apply to miniature Tesla coils, which are safe and accessible to everyone.

Safety and Tesla coils

Safety is paramount when handling a Tesla coil. Due to the high voltages generated, it is possible to receive a fatal electric shock. It is also important not to use the Tesla coil near electronic devices, as the discharges can damage them.

The Tesla Coil and Music

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The Tesla coil has another amazing use: it can play music! By modulating the frequency of the discharges, it is possible to create musical notes. It’s an impressive demonstration of how science and art can come together.

How does the Tesla coil produce music?

The Tesla coil produces music by modulating the frequency of electrical discharges. Each discharge creates a sound wave, and by adjusting the frequency of these discharges, it is possible to create different notes. It’s the same principle used in a loudspeaker, where vibrations in the air create sound waves.

Where to buy a Tesla coil

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The Tesla coil in popular culture

The Tesla coil has captured the public imagination since its inception. It has been featured in numerous films, television programs and video games, often as a mysterious source of energy or a powerful weapon. Although these portrayals are generally exaggerated, they testify to the enduring appeal of this invention.

The Tesla coil in cinema

Films such as “The Prestige” and “Tesla” have featured the Tesla coil, adding a touch of mystery and drama to their plots. Although these depictions are far from reality, they have helped to popularize the Tesla coil and spark public interest in this fascinating invention.


The Tesla coil is a remarkable invention that has left an indelible mark on the field of electricity and electronics. Whether you’re fascinated by its history, interested in how it works or simply attracted by the spectacular arcs it produces, the Tesla coil has something for everyone. So why not explore the fascinating world of the Tesla coil today?